News: 2nd Call of SHAREMED Transnational On Demand Access Activities/ Deadline 31st March 2022


SHAREMED partners are again offering this innovative initiative for practical marine research collaboration activities with Mediterranean institutions. This is a unique opportunity to boost your research by taking one or more offers that are presented in this Call for Transnational On-Demand Access. This will match you to a SHAREMED project partner and provide you with expertise, training and sharing of methodologies and operational models and systems. 

It is all free, paid to you by SHAREMED.

Just visit our dedicated website directly through 

or through the project website  to read the details and apply

Deadline for application is 31st March 2022. Follow the simple online application, click your preferred offer on the list and let the process play. We will contact you and serve your demand.

Eligibility criteria apply and applications will be assessed by a project selection panel. 

This is the SHAREMED way of doing capitalisation through sharing and exploiting expertise, technology and know-how by joining efforts and resources to do things together.

Project partners and collaborating entities are putting on offer a number of practical on-the-field activities consisting of a wide range of readymade, tangible and achievable sub-projects to be implemented in recipient Mediterranean institutions (including non-EU) beyond the project partnership. Twelve different and wide ranging offers are available, some of which are being offered to more than one recipient. The recipients will bring forward their own skills and resources to be merged and for exploiting the skills, knowhow and facilities of the donors, to do joint collaborative and supervised on-demand actions capitalising on existing assets to share technology, methods, expertise, facilities and knowledge on marine threats, hazards and observations in the Mediterranean Sea.

For any further information or queries, please contact Prof. Aldo Drago 

Coordinator of this capitalisation activity on behalf of the project leader, the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and all the SHAREMED partners.

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News Posted on 01/03/2022