News: Deadline for Applications: 21/12/2020 - BlueMed CSA and BlueBio ERANET COFUND Training course on Blue Biotechnologies

BlueMed has identified “Explore the potential of Blue Biotechnologies” as one of the priority goals of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Among the actions identified to reach this goal will be to foster collaborative research through transdisciplinary fields of expertise (e.g. genomics, data bases, outreach) and interdisciplinary approaches (e.g. by scientists, private stakeholders, end-users etc.), and promote education through training the next generation of marine biotechnologists.

In this context, the recently endorsed BlueMed Implementation Plan promotes the development of a joint strategic action on Blue Biotech at first by organizing a training course aiming at the creation of blue careers.

Specific objectives of the course

The advanced training course aims at contributing to the creation of ‘blue skills’, filling knowledge gaps while matching market opportunities via a joint effort among the scientific community, research infrastructures and business operators. The program will offer the opportunity of increasing awareness about marine biotechnology purposes, and also promoting the progress of the research results through the pipeline up to the market, identifying technological and legal bottlenecks step by step and prospecting solutions.  Encouraging teachers-students dialogue, the course will also be an opportunity to effectively interact with stakeholders and end-users.

Applications are open until 21st December 2020. Apply filling in this form.

After an evaluation process, the selected applicants will be invited to attend the training course virtually or face-to-face at the beginning of February, 2021.  

For further information on the programme of the course please follow this link and for further information on the initiative or the roadmap please visit  here.

News Posted on 17/12/2020