News: Marine Spatial Planinng: policy document for Israel's Maritime Space just released

In December 2019, Israel approved the "Marine Spatial Planning for Israel’s Mediterranean Waters".

The MSP is the product of long and complex planning process, led by the Israeli Planning Administration in cooperation with the EU. The policy was prepared by a multidisciplinary planning team, in collaboration with Israeli government ministries and a wide range of stakeholders.

The English version of the policy document is available on the Planning Administration’s website at the following link:

The policy maps are available as well in the following link:

A dynamic map, based on a GIS application that allows viewing the geographical information layers of the policy document is available at the following link:

The MSP is a comprehensive framework for Israel's maritime policy, presenting strategies addressing various administrative and planning issues. These issues include energy and natural resources, security, Marine Protected Areas and conservation, transportation, agriculture, tourism, local culture and heritage and blue growth. The policy presents complementary mechanisms for spatial policy as well as management and administrative matters. The implementation of the policy is expected to promote development and innovation at sea whilst protecting and conserving its natural and heritage values.

News Posted on 04/04/2021