events event: International Speleology Meeting

Date: October 29, 2021 to November 01, 2021

Place:  Marina di Camerota, Camerota - Italy

Description of the event: 

The aim of this event is to create a space where speleology, archeology, paleontology, and cave diving can meet and interact. Moreover, this meeting is meant to be a starting point for the development of a sustainable speleology where the conservation of caves is put to the fore.  

The meeting is going to be held in the town of Marina di Camerota (Salerno, Italy), a port in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the site of myths, temples, towers, nature and traditional cuisine. The town will seduce us as the nymph Kamaratòn did with Palinuro, Enea’s  helmsman. He was refused and shipwrecked while trying to capture the image of the deity reflected in the sea. Venus, the goddess of beauty, was moved by this act of cruelty and turned Kamaratòn into a rock which is the hill where Camerota stands. 

Speleo Kamaraton  will offer you the chance to discover the countless caves of Cilento, through a rich program of excursions in archeological and paleontological caves in the mountains or by the sea, in ravines and underwater. The meeting will also feature exhibitions and conferences, and time to enjoy Mediterranean music and cuisine. 

Tetide has been founded in order to organise this event and will be waiting for you at Speleo Kamaraton.

Type: Open