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ICAN is an integrated coastal web atlas that currently focuses on costal erosion use cases. ICAN aims to become a one-stop shop for finding, visualising, and downloading data from distributed coastal web atlases from different parts of the world. The ICAN distributed atlases, called nodes, are autonomous by nature and use different vocabularies and languages for documenting and tagging their data. This makes data search across these nodes a challenge. ICAN overcomes this challenge by using a common multilingual coastal erosion ontology, often referred to as the ICAN global ontology. The vocabulary used by each atlas node is captured in an ontology, called atlas local ontology. Each of these local ontologies is semantically linked to the ICAN global ontology using ontology mappings. ICAN uses these mappings to translate global ontology terms into local atlas ontology terms. Where possible, semantic mappings between local atlas ontologies are provided, which allow translation between atlas terminologies.
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