News: Initial findings of HERMES project presented at International Conference in Athens, Greece

Democritus University of Thrace team headed by Professor Georgios Sylaios will present the work carried out in the frame of the HERMES project in the 1st International Scientific Conference of the Design and Management of Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Works ( which will take place in Athens, Greece 8-11 May 2019. The Abstract below gives an excellent introduction to the thrust of argument that will be presented and which was developed in the 18 months that the HERMES project activities have been going on. Coastal zones are facing intensified natural and anthropogenic disturbances including sea level rise, coastal erosion and over-exploitation of resources. Coastal zone monitoring of these effects involves satellite-borne shoreline extraction and detection of change rates over time. Shoreline changes are directly related to waves, tides, winds, storms, extreme events, sea level change and human activities affecting the geomorphologic processes of the coast. The shoreline evolution along the study site (Paggaion Municipality coastline, Northern Greece) was examined and assessed blending satellite-borne shoreline changes with the incident wave power, acting in the area during the latest decade (2009 - 2018). The study focuses on two geographical sub-areas: the eastern site representing the highly touristic sand dunes zone (Ammolofi), and the western site of KarianiOrfani coastal zone, where significant erosion is evident. Both areas were selected based on their high economic and aesthetic values and the potential vulnerability to coastal erosion and climate changes impact, as identified by previous studies "In addition to introducing the first results of HERMES to a demanding audience", says Georgios Sylaios, "our participation will pave the way for increasing the engagement of a truly relevant audience within the scientific and research community and will facilitate the generation of more synergies in view of the Final Conference of the HERMES project, set for early 2020"

News Posted on 03/05/2019