News: The consultation on the EU maritime security strategy is open

Source: European Commission Website

The 2014 EU maritime security strategy and its revised action plan (2018) still remain valid. However, an assessment showed they should be aligned with other major EU policies and instruments, including the EU’s ‘Strategic Compass’, and should address the evolving maritime security challenges in the current complex geopolitical context, as well as climate change and environmental degradation.

Therefore, the aim of the consultations is to obtain the opinions of the general public and of maritime security experts on how the EU maritime security strategy and its action plan should be updated to ensure they remain aligned to the purpose in the coming years.

This initiative will update the strategy and its action plan, in line with the June 2021 Council Conclusions.

The call for evidence is open for feedback for EU and non-EU citizens. The inputs will be taken into account to further develop and fine-tune this initiative.

More details about the consultation call are available here.

You participate in the consultation until September 8th, 2022 here.

News Posted on 22/07/2022