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The goal of the project is to increase the Sustainable Tourism in some areas of Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia, favouring off seasonal flows, the development of that areas and the enhancement of their cultures, and reducing the non-sustainable pressures of tourism on coastal areas, in order to mitigate the impact on the environment. Through the identification of possible alternative routes, compared to the more well-known and exploited for tourist purposes, the project aims to develop a different relationship visitor / territory that can permit to the tourist to appreciate the characteristics of several places. The intensive cooperation among the different areas involved in the project, working as a network, will offer different itineraries as pieces of a whole that, despite its differences, are recognized as part of a Mediterranean reality.
  • Finalised
Geographical coverage
  • Regional (including Mediterranean sea basin)
Intended Users
  • Administrations/Authorities
  • Businessmen/Companies
  • Organisations/Associations
  • Policy-makers/managers/planners
Source of funding
  • EU Funds
  • Tourism
Country of project partners
  • Italy
  • Lebanon
  • Spain
  • Tunisia