News: 2022 common fisheries policy and common market organisation reports: Still time to take part in consultation

The targeted consultations asking stakeholders to contribute to the upcoming reports on the functioning of the common fisheries policy (CFP) and the common market organisation (CMO) are still in progress!

All stakeholders, including the fishing industry, non-governmental organisations, academic, scientific, social and economic partners are invited to share their views in the online questionnaire by 14 March 2022 (see link below).

The Commission will deliver the reports by the end of 2022, as announced in article 48 of the CFP Regulation and 48 of the CMO Regulation. 

The objective of the CFP report is to address the functioning of the CFP and look at how we can strengthen its implementation. The CFP Regulation sets out that the implementation of the CFP is guided by the principles of good governance, taking into account regional specificities, through a regionalised approach, as well as appropriate involvement of stakeholders at all stages.

The objective of the CMO report is to take stock on the results of application of the CMO Regulation and its legal provisions, such as provisions on professional organisations, information to consumers, the implementation of competition rules, and the collection of common market intelligence.

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News Posted on 02/03/2022