2020 UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy and WESTMED Hackathons, 10-11 March, Barcelona. In relation to the latest developments on the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe, given the current instructions for precautionary measures and travel restrictions of our participants, and following consultations between the EU and the Jordanian Co-Presidency, it has been decided that the UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy, scheduled for the 10-11 March 2020 in Barcelona, will not take place. +INFO INPUTS RECEIVED FROM STAKEHOLDERS THROUGH THE ONLINE CONSULTATION ON BLUE ECONOMY (11/3/2020 - 25/3/2020). +INFO

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  • Updated analysis of the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

    Since early March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business as usual around the world with severe consequences affecting most industries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region, not least of which, the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Two months after the preliminary analysis carried out by the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean, which covered the critical early phase of the crisis, from March to April 2020, the GFCM is publishing: Fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean and the Black (...) Read more.

  • Bluebio Call Announcement

    The call is targeted on supply systems in the blue bioeconomy: logistics and transportation – from harvest to processing. The scope of the call is to fund projects that facilitate the transfer (i.e. logistics, preservation and transportation) of bio-resources from harvest (catch or production) to processing to ensure e.g. traceability, quality, sustainability and the necessary quantity or pre-processing of the bio-resources for conversion into products for the market. This entails also the supply systems to primary producers for aspects affecting (...) Read more.

  • Study reveals how Maritime Spatial Planning benefits the Blue Economy

    A new study from the European Commission reveals economic and social benefits of having an integrated Maritime Spatial planning approach. The blue economy has become a pillar for Europe's welfare and prosperity. It represents all economic activities and sectors related to oceans, seas and coasts. European Commission has undertaken a series of steps via initiatives to ensure a sustainable development of the maritime economy. Nevertheless, maritime space is in high demand making maritime space planning a determining factor in the (...) Read more.

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