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 What is the Mediterranean MedBESP and why should I use it?

The Mediterranean Blue Economy Stakeholder Platform (MedBESP) – former Virtual Knowledge Center – is a regional networking platform for sharing knowledge and for supporting the development of the blue economy. It can be defined as a “one-stop shop/online web portal allowing for the consolidation and sharing of general, technical and sectoral information related to marine and maritime affairs in the Mediterranean”.

 Read our ‘Quick user and onboarding guide’ to get the most out of MedBESP

 The MedBESP and the “Blue Economy Community”?

The ultimate objective is to contribute to the development of an interactive Blue Economy Community. To build the “Blue Economy Community”, MedBESP users are called upon to upload existing or foreseen Initiatives and/or register as blue economy “Stakeholders”.

 How can I be part of the “Blue Economy Community”?

Once you have registered to the MedBESP via our homepage, you will receive two automatic e-mails* asking you to:

1) Confirm your account.

2) Complete your profile: You will be invited to complete your registration by joining the Blue Economy Community as an Initiative (for programmes, projects and initiatives) or as a Stakeholder (organisations and individual experts/consultants). This step will enable you to exchange knowledge and views with other stakeholders, know ‘who does what’, extend your network, contact partners, build operational partnerships, and broaden the reach of your action on blue economy.

(*Don’t forget to check your spam folders!)

Can I reach out to someone if I need help or would like more information?

Yes, do not hesitate to reach us here: blueconomy@ufmsecretariat.org . We will get back to you promptly.

 Who manages the MedBESP?

The MedBESP, developed by the European Commission (DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries), is currently managed by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). 

 How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending an email to blueconomy@ufmsecretariat.org or logging into your account and clicking on the option “Unsubscribe” in the “Profile’’ section.

 Can I upload information in any language?

As you may see, the overall structure of the MedBESP is built in English, French and Arabic. Single entries however (e.g. news and/or events) must be uploaded in English. Alternatively, you can send your entry in French or Arabic (max. 100 words) at blueconomy@ufmsecretariat.org , which will be summarized into English and uploaded.

Are there any other conditions or limitations? How long does it take to upload the information? Can I upload files as information and, if so, what kind of files?

The information uploaded will be promptly assessed before being published. Users must be aware that the MedBESP will not publish anything:

i) unrelated to the promotion of sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean region;
ii) directly or indirectly linked to political parties or groups as well as to any kind of commercial activity;
iii) using aggressive or disrespectful language towards other users’ nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion;
iv) likely to offend the operate of organizations or invade the privacy of individuals;

 Can I provide feedback and comments or report wrong or incorrect content?

You can provide feedback and comments or report on the content by sending an email to blueconomy@ufmsecretariat.org.

 Can I get in touch with another MedBESP user?

Yes, a private space to contact the person(s) who uploaded a news item and/or an event is available via the platform’s messaging system (once you have logged in, you will be able to clicking on the “Messaging System” button under (i) a particular news item or event or (ii) any project/program/initiative or stakeholder profile).

The goal is to foster discussion and collaboration between stakeholders interested in and active on common blue economy issues and marine and maritime affairs in the Mediterranean.