News: Applied Blue Biotechnology Master

Blue Biotechnology, or Marine Biotechnology, is a scientific-business activity that seeks the application of biotechnological advances to marine and aquatic environments. The European Blue Growth Strategy considers Blue Biotechnology as one of the five sectors with the greatest potential for growth and sustainable generation of highly qualified jobs.

The MSc Degree in Applied Blue Biotechnology aims to provide professional knowledge and skills for the use of aquatic resources, applying them to the development of innovative products and services for the Health, Cosmetics, Agri-food and Aquaculture sectors, contributing to the so-called Blue Bioeconomy.


The Applied Blue Biotechnology Master student will:

• Acquire knowledge and practical experience about the relevant biochemical, molecular, bioinformatics and systems biology approaches for the use of aquatic resources.

• Understand the process of discovery and development of molecules derived and inspired by marine organisms as new products to meet the needs of consumers in various markets.

• Learn about the management of biotechnological innovation projects, the transfer of R&D and the protection of industrial and intellectual property.

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News Posted on 21/09/2020