News: BiH joins 15 Mediterranean countries under EU strategy for safeguarding Mediterranean fisheries

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Mirko Šarović signed on 26 January 2018 the Malta MedFish4Ever Declaration, a multilateral strategy, proposed by the European Union, for safeguarding the future of the Mediterranean fishermen and coastal communities. Over 300,000 persons are directly employed on fishing vessels in the Mediterranean, whilst many more indirect jobs depend on the sector. This Declaration represents a practical example of EU’s neighborhood policy, and has so far been signed by the European Commission and 15 northern and southern Mediterranean coastline states. The Declaration sets out common objectives for the next ten years, based on ambitious, but realistic targets. The Declaration provides for joint commitment and ownership of the process of cooperation on this major endeavor of returning fisheries to sustainable levels in order to secure jobs and growth across the Mediterranean. The EU welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina’s joining this multilateral strategy, which enables collective actions in recovery and progress on fisheries resources, blue economy, social inclusion and solidarity between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean region. On behalf of the EU, the signing ceremony was attended by Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to BiH, Khaldoun Sinno. More information on the EU strategy for the Mediterranean and Malta MedFish4Ever Declaration available at:

News Posted on 08/02/2018