News: BRIDGE-BS Project Kicks Off

On Monday 13 and Tuesday 13 July 2021, the new Horizon 2020 project BRIDGE-BS kicked off online. EMB is participating in the project, which aims to enhance the science-based policy in the Black Sea region to develop blue growth while maintaining and protecting resilient ecosystems.
BRIDGE-BS (Advancing Black Sea Research and Innovation to Co-Develop Blue Growth within Resilient Ecosystems) is a Research and Innovation Action funded under Horizon 2020.BRIDGE-BS is a multi-partner and international consortium with the overarching aim of assessing the present state of Black Sea ecosystems, their services, their resilience to the multi-stressors, and creating the means necessary to sustainably manage these ecosystems. To deliver its objectives, BRIDGE-BS will identify and map the habitats linking them to core ecosystem services and their dynamics, thereby contribute to the assessment of the ecosystem resilience in the Black Sea.

The project is coordinated by Middl East Technical University, Turkey, and the consortium has a total of 33 partners. You can find out more about what took place here and about EMB's role in the project here.

News Posted on 20/07/2021