News: Cancellation of European Maritime Day 2020

20 May is European Maritime Day. Every year the EU organises the EMD conference around that date. It is one of the highlights of the maritime calendar, with up to 1,500 stakeholders joining as we celebrate the blue economy. This year, the Commission had planned another great edition, together with Cork, the host city of EMD 2020. And together with maritime stakeholders, people and organisations who had registered in huge numbers. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus and social distancing rules, the organisers - European Commission, the Irish government, and Cork City Council - have taken the collective decision to cancel the event altogether. The Commission would like to thank all stakeholders and organisers for the work and enthusiasm they have put into this event over the past months and regrets that it was not possible to take advantage of the warm welcome and hospitality prepared by the Irish partners of EMD 2020 and hopes that the possibility for the City of Cork to host the EMD will arise at some time in the future. Find out more details here:

News Posted on 22/05/2020