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Dear Mediterranean Blue Economy Stakeholder Platform Community,

We are delighted to bring you our February newsletter ( We hope you will enjoy reading it and forward on to your colleagues.

In this issue:


Paradigm shift from anthropocentric to ecocentric fisheries management

Athanassios C. Tsikliras

The EcoScope Platform

A novel, interdisciplinary data visualisation, forecasting and analysis tool for fisheries management

Simon Keeble

The EcoScope Toolbox

A decision support tool for policymakers and fisheries managers

Dan Gerstenfeld

The EcoScope Academy

Comprehensive training materials for fisheries management

Dan Gerstenfeld

End-user-focused Approach

Ana Rodriguez

About the EcoScope Project

The EcoScope Project aims to promote effective and efficient, ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management. EcoScope will develop 3 key products: an interoperable platform (the EcoScope Platform), a robust decision-making toolbox (the EcoScope Toolbox), and a series of online courses (the EcoScope Academy). These tools will be available through a single public portal (EcoScopium), to promote an efficient ecosystem-based approach to the management of fisheries and achieve maximum and continuous participation of stakeholders

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News Posted on 02/02/2023