News: Empowering women in maritime/marine policy making processes for the benefit of all

A total of 150 participants from 40 different countries participated in the MSPglobal Dialogue sessions on "Gender and Marine Policy" organized on 22 April 2020. The audience was composed of 52% women, 39% men and 9% others among the French-speaking session (FR) and 81% women and 19% men in the bilingual Spanish/Portuguese session (ES/PT). Most participants expressed that women's participation in marine policy processes in their respective countries is unbalanced but improving (FR = 60%; ES/PT = 59%). A smaller proportion described the situation as very unbalanced (FR = 20%; ES/PT = 37%), and a minority as balanced (FR = 20%; ES/PT = 4%). Both sessions discussed gender balance in decision-making processes related to marine policies, identified challenges and best ways to address specific constraints faced by women involved in maritime policymaking and activities, and exchanged views on how to promote gender balance and enable women to play a key role in decision-making. For further information, please visit:

News Posted on 11/08/2020