News: EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform Now Available Online

The EUSAIR stakeholder platform is conceived as the most important tool of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) to increase stakeholder engagement, coordination and implementation process. The Platform is managed by Marche Region - Integrated Planning, International Activities, Trade and Cooperation Department - in the framework of the strategic project “Supporting the governance of the EUSAIR: Facility Point””. Through the Stakeholder Platform stakeholders, project beneficiaries and interested public will have the opportunity to interact and cooperate with EUSAIR key implementers on issues concerning the Adriatic-Ionian Region, actively facilitating this dialogue. More in details, the EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform is conceived as a virtual place that supports a two-way "vertical" communication flow between stakeholders and EUSAIR key implementers (GB and TSGs) and vice-versa, while, on the other side, it supports a “horizontal” communication among stakeholders (e.g. an on-line forum). The Stakeholder Platform is addressed both to key implementers of the EUSAIR governance and to local, national and transnational stakeholders and it: • provides virtual infrastructure for mobilising, engaging and interacting with the EUSAIR stakeholders to broaden the sense of ownership of the Strategy/Action Plan and to strengthen its democratic legitimacy • serves as an awareness raising and networking online tool and complements other implementation WPs • enables the TSGs to engage in on-going consultation with non-state actors regarding the implementation of the Action Plan, Strategy long-term priorities, project idea generation, etc. • provides cost-effective collaboration options for the governance structures (e.g. conference calls, collective skyping). It enables online access to different resources, information, databases and tools/applications. Please find here the link to the SP webpage and the link to the SP video tutorial on how to use it and subscribe to it:

News Posted on 12/04/2019