News: Four years of practical support to a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean

Photo: WestMED initiative

In the past 4 years (2018-2022), the WestMED Assistance Mechanism has accomplished a lot to be proud of.

It helped secure 50 million euros in funding alone for all kinds of different projects that contribute to the WestMED Initiative’s main objective to develop and strengthen a sustainable blue economy in the region.

It also helped drive discussions between stakeholders from both the northern and the southern shore, on key maritime topics such as green shipping, sustainable aquaculture, project funding, maritime clusters and blue skills. Primarily, through the creation of technical-/ work groups and organizing thematic events.  It has also been at the forefront of starting a Community of Practice on Maritime Spatial Planning for the Mediterranean which had its kick-off meeting in January 2023.

For an overview of the work done, the Assistance mechanism has produced both a 3-page Executive Summary and an infographic.

Both are available now for download.

Executive summary


Moving forward (2022-2024).

After positive reviews, the European Commission has agreed to continue this initiative for at least another two years. 

With the new approach by the European Commission, the WestMED Assistance Mechanism will team up with the Assistance Mechanisms of the other EU sea basin strategies (Atlantic Action Plan/ CMA Black Sea) to further explore and capitalise on synergies related to common maritime themes, allow for addressing relevant cross-sea basin project (funding) proposals and provide coordinated policy feedback.

For more information visit the
WestMED website

News Posted on 03/02/2023