News: Help to define the DigiCirc Blue Economy call

DigiCirc (@DigiCirc) is an #H2020 #I INNOSUP project that aims to boost the #circulareconomy using digital tools by supporting innovative #SMEs in the development and marketing of solutions based on circular value chains through 3 acceleration programs on the following themes: "#Circularcities", "#BlueEconomy" and "#Bioeconomy". 

The circular economy considers the entire life cycle of a product from its production, through its consumption, to the management of the waste produced. It responds to multiple challenges such as dependence on increasingly scarce resources, lack of waste disposal, the resilience of an ecosystem and its economic attractiveness, etc. In relation with #BlueEconomy, #CircularEconomy aims to eliminate the footprint of human activities that take place both offshore and inland on both  marine and coastal environments. 

How to reduce that impact through #digitaltechnologies and #CircularEconomy?

 In order to define the current challenges of #BlueEconomy that will be included in the call for projects, DigiCirc would like to collect the opinions of the different key actors of the market (local authorities, companies, population, etc.) with the next questionnaire.

Blue Economy open call will run from June 2021 to July 2021, and the accelerator from December 2021 to March 2022.  

Feel free to contact DigiCirc for any question on the project or the open calls!!

News Posted on 08/03/2021