News: How to engage clusters in Blue Energy

Renewable energy is essential for economic and sustainable development. In this regard, the seas and oceans are an abundant source of renewable energy (Blue Energy or Blue Energy -BE-).

This energy can contribute to greater penetration of renewable energy into the territory, responding to climate change and promoting energy independence from fossil fuels. It is therefore presented as a technological resource that is inescapable to explore, especially in those spaces that have marine areas where these facilities can be easily implemented.

Clusters, as a group of interrelated institutions, business and companies working in the same industrial sector and strategically collaborating for common benefits, are presented as key parts in the development of the BE.

But what role can energy clusters play in such initiatives? Clusters bring together, to a lesser or greater extent, almost the entire renewable sector of the territory where they are deployed. This feature gives them a leading role, since among their partners it has all the spectrum necessary to address with guarantees the implementation of these energy initiatives; from knowledge and research (universities, knowledge centers, R+D centers) to generation, distribution and marketing companies and business. The ultimate mission is to respond to an increasing demand for renewable electricity, if possible, with the best available technologies.

More information about clusters role in Blue Energy initiatives here.

News Posted on 20/01/2021