News: Interreg EuroMed, the WestMED Initiative and the UfM team up for a joint info session on opportunities for southern partners

The main objective of the Euro-MED Programme 2021-27  is  contributing to the transition towards a climate-neutral and resilient society: fighting against global challenges that negatively impact Mediterranean resources, while ensuring a sustainable growth and the well-being of its citizens.

This ultimate goal brings together many actors in the Mediterranean and a single programme can not address it alone. Only coordinating all efforts can provide real impact.

Liaising activities are aimed to build strong, long-term collaborative relationships. These are not just about networking activities, but about structured exchanges in a spirit of open cooperation to achieve shared goals.

Following the frame of activities build under the Results Amplification Strategy, the Euro-MED Programme 2021-27 and the WestMED Initiative agreed that the territories would greatly benefit from coming together and taking coordinated actions where possible. This was underlined by the cooperation agreement between the westMED Initiative and the EuroMed-Programme that was presented during the WestMED Stakeholder Conference on 9 November 2021 in Rome.

As a result, the Interreg Euro-MED Programme, the WestMED Initiative and the Union for Mediterranean will organise an Info session on “How to be part of Interreg Euro-Med?”, that will be held the 26th April from 10.00 to 11.30, aimed specifically at the Southern partners in order to explain the Programme and the role they could play in the projects.

The meeting will be the occasion for WestMed and UfM stakeholders to discover how they can participate in the Interreg Euro-Med projects, by sharing sharing expertise on common issues in the Mediterranean and benefit from the fruits of this collaboration.

News Posted on 26/04/2022