News: Joint FAOGFCM-WestMED event during SIPA2024 on Climate Change Resilient Aquaculture

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On February 11, 2024, the GFCM Scientific Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ), organized a workshop in close cooperation with WestMED Algeria on Climate Change, Resilient Aquaculture, and Mitigation Strategies. This event took place during the International Fisheries and Aquaculture exhibition (SIPA Algerie 2024), in Oran Algeria

The workshop started with opening remarks, setting the stage for discussions on aquaculture in the Mediterranean basin in the context of climate change.

Esteemed speakers shared their insights, beginning with Rita Lecci from the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) Foundation in Italy, who highlighted the relationship between aquaculture and climate change. The presentation emphasized the need for sustainable aquaculture development to promote a resilient blue economy in the region.

Samir Bachouche, representing the national hub of the WestMED Initiative in Algeria, shed light on the importance of sustainable aquaculture in the Western Mediterranean and its contribution to a sustainable blue economy and highlighted the workk of WestMED thematic stakeholder group on aquaculture: AquaWest. Javier Ojeda from the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) shared European fish farmers’ perspectives on climate change, providing valuable insights into the challenges they face.

The workshop then delved into innovative tools and strategies to address climate change challenges in aquaculture. Alessio Bonaldo from the University of Bologna in Italy presented strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation in aquaculture, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches. Curzio Pagliari, also from the University of Bologna, discussed the use of green propulsion systems for more sustainable aquaculture, highlighting the importance of reducing environmental impact.

Jose Diaz Salinas of Skretting, Norway, joined the discussion online and addressed the feed challenge in aquaculture in the face of climate change. His insights shed light on the importance of sustainable and efficient feed production practices.

In the afternoon session, the focus shifted to climate change resilient farming systems. Soufiane Bensalem from the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla Salem in Algeria presented Saharan aquaculture as a model of farming resilient to climate change. Elisa Ravagnan from NORCE, Norway, explored the concept of integrated multi-tropic aquaculture as a potential solution for climate change resilience. Enric Gisbert from the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), Spain, shared insights into a saltwater aquaponics system for mullet and Salicornia production.

The workshop concluded with a fruitful discussion among participants, addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate change resilient aquaculture. The insights gained from the workshop will contribute to the development of effective mitigation strategies and promote sustainable aquaculture practices in the Mediterranean basin.

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News Posted on 21/03/2024