News: New insights into pressure exerted on marine ecosystems in the Med

Maritime traffic and offshore oil and gas exploration and production constitute important drivers of marine pollution in the Mediterranean. The "Study on trends and outlook of marine pollution from ships and activities and of maritime traffic and offshore activities in the Mediterranean" conducted by REMPEC, jointly with three other UNEP/MAP system components (namely Plan Bleu, MED POL and SPA/RAC), compiles the best available knowledge on four aspects: pollution from oil and chemicals, marine litter, air pollution, non-indigenous species and underwater noise.

In addition to identifying gaps related to data collection and proposing measures to ensure compliance with reporting obligations under the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, the study will support efforts to achieve the Good Environmental Status of the Mediterranean (GES). It feeds into relevant Ecological Objectives and Common Indicators of the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme (IMAP)—the Mediterranean region’s first common instrument developed by UNEP/MAP for harmonized monitoring and assessment underpinning the pursuit of GES.

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News Posted on 13/10/2020