News: Release of EU Copernicus Ocean State Report 7

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The ocean, covering over two-thirds of the Earth's surface, is a dynamic entity that supports life both in and out of the water. Its interconnected currents and systems influence the climate, while its rich biodiversity not only supports marine life, but also plays a key role in human livelihoods.

Every year, Mercator Ocean International, in the framework of the European Union Copernicus Marine Service releases the Copernicus Ocean State Report and the 7th issue of the Ocean State Report (OSR7)1 has been published on the 27th of September 2023. As part of the Copernicus Marine Service, the annual Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR) launched in 2015 is the key tool of its ocean reporting framework. The OSR reports on the state, variability, and ongoing changes in the marine environment of the global ocean and the European regional seas over the past decades up to close to real time, this year focusing on the year 2021. Using observation-based (remote sensing, in situ) and ocean reanalysis data, the OSR provides a comprehensive 4-dimensional (latitude, longitude, depth, and time) analysis of the Blue, Green, and White Ocean. The OSR is intended to act as a reference, providing a unique ocean monitoring dashboard for the scientific community and for policy makers and others with decision-making responsibilities.

The OSR7 published in the State of the Planet journal of Copernicus Publications, dives into the complex world of oceanic variations, trends, and cutting-edge tools, leveraging data and indicators from the Copernicus Marine Service. An accompanying summary for policymakers will be published on October 26, which pulls out the highlights of the report and puts them into the wider context of sustainability including the environmental, social and economic pillars.

The report serves as a compendium of 13 peer-reviewed studies encompassing a spectrum of topics, exploring oceanic variations, trends, and offering innovative tools with socioeconomic applications for Europe and the globe at large, with contributions to the Blue (physical) and Green (biogeochemical and biological) Ocean. 

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News Posted on 06/10/2023