News: SFS-MED Webinar: Blue Transformation: strategies and actions for more sustainable agrifood systems in the Mediterranean

SFS-MED Platform

On March 20, 2024, the Union for the Mediterranean co-organized a webinar on sustainable blue agri-food systems in the Mediterranean, under the framework of the SFS-MED Platform, a multi-stakeholder initiative initiated by the UfMS, FAO and CIHEAM.

If you want to hear about the importance of Blue Transformation in the Mediterranean, the video recording is available here

The SFS-MED webinar n. 7 addressed some key questions:

  • What are the most effective and viable measures, strategies and incentives to accompany a Blue Transformation in the Mediterranean, and how can stakeholders collaborate to implement them?
  • How can regional collaboration for a Blue Transformation in the Mediterranean address the main challenges to the effective implementation of such measures?

The Mediterranean Sea has always played a crucial role in the region’s societies, economies, and agrifood systems. The sustainable blue economy encompasses a wide range of maritime and coastal activities. These activities aim to balance economic growth, improved livelihoods, and social inclusion through the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems and biodiversity, the sustainable use of aquatic resources, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Key sectors contributing to the blue economy include fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, maritime transport and marine energies. Blue Transformation requires a systems approach, aimed at securing socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable value chains that help secure livelihoods, foster an equitable distribution of benefits, and support adequate use and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The 7th webinar led by the SFS-MED Platform aimed to raise awareness and promote dialogue on the enabling conditions and practices for Blue Transformation. The webinar opened the space to discuss the role of policymaking, research, capacity building, technology and finance in accompanying the Blue Transformation. The webinar also facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants and foster opportunities for collaboration and partnerships among the SFS-MED platform members and other stakeholders.

The concept note and agenda are available in English and French.

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News Posted on 07/03/2024