News: Sustainable EU food system –new initiative

In the context of the ‘‘European Green Deal”, the European Commission adopted a comprehensive Farm to Fork Strategy, which recognises the strong links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet and aims to address comprehensively the challenges of sustainable food systems. To drive the shift to a sustainable food system, the Farm to Fork Strategy has launched numerous actions, however the Strategy recognises that these individual and sector-specific actions can neither alone, nor in combination with each other fully ensure policy coherence at EU and national level, mainstream sustainability in all food-related policies and strengthen the resilience of food systems. For this reason, the Farm to Fork Strategy announced an initiative for a horizontal framework law, to accelerate and facilitate the transition to sustainability and ensure that foods placed on the EU market increasingly become sustainable. Such an EU level intervention aims to establish new foundations for future food policies by introducing sustainability objectives and principles based on an integrated food system approach. In preparation of this initiative, the Commission is therefore launching a broad consultation process, aimed to gather views and input from all stakeholders.

The aim of this public consultation is to gather opinions and evidence from all relevant stakeholders (citizens, economic operators of all sizes, including SMEs, and organisations representing them, consumer organisations, social partners, NGOs, public authorities at all governance levels, public purchasers, academia and research institutions, as well as any other interested stakeholder) on the key issues the initiative aims to address. This consultation takes a high-level approach, focusing on overarching issues related to food system sustainability, so it is therefore aimed to attract a broad range of responses, from all stakeholder categories previously mentioned. The questionnaire is accessible in all official EU languages.

You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. If you are unable to use the online questionnaire, please contact

The preliminary results can be found here.

News Posted on 04/05/2022