News: The AQUA-LIT Toolbox is out and running!

Discover the AQUA-LIT Toolbox, an online repository full of solutions and recommendations for a better handling of marine litter.

The EMFF funded project AQUA-LIT have been working over the last 2 years to bring to life the AQUA-LIT Toolbox, an online repository targeting all stakeholders in the aquaculture value chain, with solutions, measures and recommendation for handling better marine litter from a prevention to a recycling state. 

Immerse in it and explore the ideas, solutions and measures provided by the aquaculture stakeholders AQUA-LIT worked with across the Mediterranean, North and Baltic seas; explore the funding opportunities to create a project on marine litter and check out the policy recommendations for the EU, action plans for outermost regions.

All this and more can be found at or via AQUA-LIT toolbox app available at the AppStore.

EurOcean is part of AQUA-LIT Consortium EurOcean and leads WP5 “Scaling up the tide” on developing policy recommendation for less litter, transferring outcomes to the Outermost regions (Azores and Canaries Islands) and building the legacy of the project. EurOcean has also a crucial role in the Dissemination and Outreach tasks, in supporting Learning Labs development and in the data collection through its database Knowledge Gate.

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News Posted on 09/12/2020