News: The CPMR and Hellenic Hull announce their cooperation in the E-sea learning pilot programme

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The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR), with the support of its Islands Commission, starts cooperating with Hellenic Hull, to provide a dedicated online guest lecture on EU maritime policies within the framework of the E-sealearning pilot programme.

The E-sealearning programme, started in January 2024 with an average of one online course per month until June 2024 delivered by different organisations such as the Global Maritime Forum and the World Maritime University. This initiative will aim to broaden the perspectives of university students, raising awareness and sensitivity towards the blue economy, maritime policies, governance, and related subjects. 

As part of the pilot programme, on 6 June 2024 the CPMR will deliver a guest lecture to students, researchers, and professors of the University of Aegean and University of Piraeus in Greece. The CPMR will cover topics relevant to Hellenic Hull, including views on EU maritime policies and insular regions’ challenges. The Hellenic Hull’s E-sealearning programme will ultimately foster continuous professional development in the maritime sector serving also as a mean to enhance island regions and tackle insularity educational challenges. 

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News Posted on 22/05/2024