News: UfM Blue Finance Conference ‘Investing in a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean’

Following up on the 2021 UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy and on the ten priorities agreed upon by the countries, this UfM Conference will bring together financial institutions, banks, private investors, and UfM country and industry representatives to promote and advance investment opportunities in sustainable blue economy sectors and activities in the Mediterranean region. The UfM conference on Blue Finance aims at:

1. Providing an overview of the current investment opportunities for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean Blue Economy and offering practical guidance on the procedures to follow;

2. Discussing the enabling conditions (policy/regulatory environment; technical assistance, etc.) to attract funding;

3. Organizing direct networking opportunities and matchmaking sessions between countries and businesses and financial institutions, banks, or investors.

The Conference will be structured around two main sessions on 1) Access to finance, including enabling conditions for investing in the Mediterranean and examples/best practices currently in place; 2) Matchmaking sessions with the Banks/Financial institutions. These will be booked and planned in advance and will run throughout the day.

Logistical and preparatory details will follow shortly and upon initial registration.

Main outcomes expected:

Access to information and bridging the gap between investors/funders and countries: The conference will contribute to better aligning and mobilizing financial flows towards sustainable blue economy sectors and activities prioritized by the countries in the Mediterranean region.

Both countries and industry often lack information as to the funding opportunities already available. The conference will provide guidance and clarity on this by, inter alia, addressing the enabling environment to invest in sustainable blue economy sectors and activities in the Mediterranean, and sharing successful experiences/cases from different regions.

Matchmaking: The conference will enable countries and companies to present specific projects for which they require funding and receive feedback on their viability.

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News Posted on 19/05/2022