News: UfM takes part in 2023 Forum Mondial de la Mer

Forum Mondial de la Mer in Bizerte

Taking place since 2018, the Forum Mondial de la Mer brings together key maritime players and stakeholders from the Southern shores of the Mediterranean to discuss key challenges and solutions. Including thematic sessions on climate change and the central importance of science-based evidence for policy-making, and offering opportunities to share project-based experiences and lessons learned, this year’s edition also counted with the participation of the UfM.

This year, the 6th edition of the Forum Mondial de la Mer in Bizerte, which took place on September 22, 2023, explored the theme "The Ocean and the Mediterranean in the Age of Boiling." This edition came after the dramatic heatwave episode of the summer of 2023 and coincided with a critical period, as the United Nations Secretary-General had recently sounded the alarm about what could then be described as the era of ‘climate boiling’.

Around forty experts from the prospective think tank "Ocean 2050" delved into that alarming phenomenon that required immediate attention and concrete actions. During that day of intense debates, exchange of expertise, and prospective reflections, the speakers shed light on the following crucial topics:

Ocean 2050 as they envisioned it: What were their aspirations for the Ocean in 2050? How could they preserve and shape it for future generations?

The Mediterranean: a sea in turmoil? Faced with environmental and climate challenges, how would the Mediterranean evolve in the coming decades? What measures needed to be taken to protect it?

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News Posted on 03/11/2023