News: UfM Webinar (June 20) – “Scaling up synergies & partnerships for the sustainable maritime & coastal tourism transformation in the Mediterranean”

Union for the Mediterranean

The Co-Presidency and Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean have the pleasure of inviting you to the upcoming UfM Webinar on "Scaling up synergies and partnerships for the sustainable maritime and coastal tourism transformation in the Mediterranean", scheduled on June 20, 2024, at 10:00-12:30h CET.

The coastal and maritime tourism sector is of key strategic importance in the Mediterranean, concentrating 35% of global tourist arrivals, and marked by a steady recovery following the 2019 COVID pandemic. Despite its strong potential to drive the ‘green and blue’ transition forward in and for the Mediterranean (through – inter alia – tackling climate change, protecting and restoring maritime and coastal ecosystems, and providing opportunities for quality employment), the sector is currently characterized by structural fragilities undermining its future sustainability, including its significant impacts on the environment and on local populations, high seasonality, and low offer diversification.

Building on the outcomes and main messages of the 2nd UfM Stakeholder Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy, this Webinar aims at scaling up and showcasing the role of synergies, partnerships, regional collaboration, and innovation towards the ‘green and blue’ transformation of the maritime and coastal tourism sector, in and for the Mediterranean. It will highlight the ongoing coordination efforts among existing programmes and share concrete examples of multi-level and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The Webinar further aims at enabling a forward-looking exchange among key practitioners and actors in the maritime and coastal tourism sector, on the gaps, challenges, best practices, and further opportunities for regional collaboration, and to strengthen engagement and collaboration in the framework of existing fora.

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News Posted on 28/05/2024