News: UNIDO pilot projects showcase innovation potential in Morocco's fish processing industry

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On February 13, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organized in Rabat a closing event for pilot projects aimed at fostering sustainability and economic growth within Morocco’s fish processing sector. These initiatives, which have been underway since 2021 as part of the European Union funded regional SwitchMed programme, have successfully demonstrated innovative business and production models geared toward enhancing resource efficiency and developing products suitable for markets with significant development potential.

According to a value chain mapping study commissioned by the SwitchMed programme, the sector presents significant potential for valorizing fish by-products and diversifying product portfolios.

The pilot projects have shown that investments in various value-added products, stemming from the valorization of fish by-products are technically feasible and economically viable, with payback periods ranging from a few months to a few years. These products include hydrolysates, which are highly prized for their properties in aquaculture feed formulations, as well as collagen, minerals, and marine peptides intended for high-end nutraceutical, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical markets.

These innovations could substantially enhance the profitability and environmental performance of Morocco’s fish processing value chain, supporting the development of a diversified Blue Economy in the country.

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News Posted on 29/04/2024