News: Virtual Blue Career Centre is available

Virtual Blue Career Center (VBCC) is a digital platform designed to attract young people but also experienced workers to fill existing skill gaps by supporting activities that will increase awareness of the workforce and employability in key Blue Growth services.

It promotes the blue economy as an opportunity for professional development and education for young future professionals and people already working in one of the blue economy sectors.

At VBCC you can find information on Blue Growth, graduate positions, summer schools, youth mobility, available courses, potential staff, and much more. Click here for more information.

This is part of BRIDGE-BS, which aims to advance the Black Sea’s marine research and innovation to co-develop Blue Growth pathways under multi-stressors for the sustainable utilization of the ecosystem services. To do so it develops an ecosystem-based management framework to enable policy uptake and foster citizen engagement.

News Posted on 10/06/2022