News: WestMED Initiative receives internationalization award at the Sun and Blue Congress 2023

European Commission WestMED Website

This year marked the first edition of the Sun&Blue Congress; an international conference and exhibition focused on Blue Tourism Innovation. It took place in Almería, Spain from 15-17 November 2023.

The WestMED Iniatiative was given a special Award Mention for having helped on the Internationalization of the entire SUN&BLUE Congress. Also the ‘Maritime Tourism’project, supported by the WestMED Initiative was awarded with a special mention award for Sustainability

This conference provided an excellent platform to promote the WestMED Intiative within the tourism sector resulting in numerous requests for support. It also resulted in  a major step forward regarding the creation of a National Marine Tourism Network and led to a  first encounter with the city of CEUTA authorities as a basis for possible follow-up.

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News Posted on 24/01/2024