News: WestMED, Steering Committee, 23 October in Rabat

On Wednesday 23 October, the WestMED Steering Committee (WMSC) will be meeting in Rabat, Morocco. The meeting will function as an opportunity for the WMSC to evaluate the implementation of the initiative, as well as to reflect on the outcomes of the outgoing Franco-Moroccan co-presidency, and on introducing the future Italian-Moroccan co-presidency. The WMSC includes national coordinators from the relevant ministries from participating countries (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia), the European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat, as well as observers from International Organizations and financial institutions. Their role is to ensure operational coordination, guidance and necessary support to ensure the initiative’s expected results are achieved. More information here:

News Posted on 02/10/2019