News: Wetland-based Solutions project: Healthy coastal wetlands

The Mediterranean has lost more than 50% of its natural wetlands since 1970, and we continue to destroy them through poorly planned development and agricultural water abstraction. As climate change and population growth continue, saving and restoring what remains of these unique habitats is an urgent priority – but this does not have to come at the cost of socio-economic development. In fact, using our wetlands as nature-based solutions to some of our most pressing issues will benefit society just as much as the environment.

Nevertheless, ensuring the survival of our coastal wetlands on a regional scale is a huge task and one that requires collaboration across the Mediterranean. 

This is why the Wetland-based Solutions project was created. It gathers together a powerful network of expert organisations working to preserve and restore Mediterranean wetlands, who pool their expertise and experiences to hone skills, identify successful solutions, raise awareness, and spread best practices across the basin.

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News Posted on 10/02/2022