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Designation and Management of Marine Reserve Networks

TECHNION, Israel Institute of Technology

This research will explore physical elements of the environment and their spatial character, principles of conservation science, human needs and institutional constraints for the purpose of establishing marine protected areas.(...) Read more.

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Open Ocean Fish farms

Gilli Ocean Technology LTD

OCEANFISH aims to finalize the development and start the commercialisation of the various technologies necessary to transform Gili's existing Subflex Classic systems to advanced and sophisticated open ocean systems improving(...) Read more.

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Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) in the Mediterranean by the Contracting parties in the context of the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal region of the Mediterranean and its Protocols

UNEP/Mediterranean Action Plan for the Barcelona Convention

The objective of this project is to support UNEP/MAP to implement the COP decisions regarding the application of ecosystem approach in the Mediterranean in full synergy and coherence with the(...) Read more.

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Tourism Ports Environment Program

Regione Liguria, Affari e fondi europei, Italy

Tourism Ports-Environment program is a strategy of sustainable economic development to promote the international influence of the navigation area.

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The Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem

UNEP/Mediterranean Action Plan for the Barcelona Convention

The Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (MedPartnership) is a collective effort of leading environmental institutions and organizations together with countries sharing the Mediterranean Sea to address(...) Read more.

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Mediterranean Sea Acidification in a Changing Climate

UAB - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

MEDSEA (Mediterranean Sea Acidification in a changing climate) is a Framework Program 7 (FP7) project that addresses ecologic and economic impacts from the combined influences of anthropogenic acidification and warming,(...) Read more.

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