events event: 4th Marine Imagining Workshop

Date: October 03, 2022 to October 07, 2022

Place:  Online & onsite, Brest - France

Description of the event: 

Marine imaging with cameras is a major method in the science, policy and public understanding of the world’s Oceans. The topic is developing rapidly, driven by the technological evolution and increasing application of marine imaging in all Oceans.

international Marine Imaging Workshops assemble around 100 scientists and engineers from different disciplines to push the boundaries of marine imaging. Biologists, ecologists, computer scientists, end-users and stakeholders discuss the methods and procedures for optimizing the ways we harvest information through images. Topics cover everything from the start to finish of marine image analysis: acquisition planning, image collection, processing of images prior to annotation, still/video annotation, the future of annotation, FAIR image data management and much more.

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Type: Open