events event: Blue Eco Forum 2020: Towards a Blue Solidarity Economy for a Sustainable Mediterranean

Date: December 01, 2020

Place:  Online, -

Description of the event: 

The Mediterranean Sea is a unique geographical and cultural space that unites 22 countries and over 450 million people, most of them living in the coastal strip. Breaking with its history of solidarity and shared prosperity, a series of crises is threatening its future.
At the environmental level, climate change and human pollution irreversibly degrade natural resources quality and weaken secure access to water, energy and food. At the geopolitical level, ideological, political and armed conflicts provoke uncontrolled migrations and social turbulences between and within countries. While at the economic level, high unemployment and low competitiveness increase poverty and inequalities among citizens.

The eco-forum aims to reflect on those major regional challenges from a collaborative, creative and participative way. It puts the focus on the Mediterranean Sea as a source of opportunities for common well-being. It imagines new solutions towards a more sustainable and inclusive development of the Mediterranean region.

This event, organized by Mediterranean civil society, offers debates, workshops, exhibitions and meetings -virtual and face-to-face- with the participation of key stakeholders from the Euro-Mediterranean political, economic and social world. The 2020 edition focuses on the Blue Solidarity Economy (BSE), a new concept merging the opportunities of the Sustainable Blue Economy (BE) with the benefits of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Based on the learning from a field initiative launched in Catalonia, we will discuss policies, strategies and a road-map for mainstreaming the Blue Solidarity Economy in the Mediterranean.

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