events event: IMBeR ClimEco8 Summer School – Sustaining the Ocean We Need for the Future We Want

Date: June 19, 2023 to June 24, 2023

Place:  ZRS-Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies, Koper - Slovenia

Description of the event: 

This will be the 8th in IMBeR’s Climate and Ecosystems (ClimEco) Summer School series. ClimEco summer schools are designed for 60-70 post-graduate students and early career researchers, and are led by an extraordinary interdisciplinary group of marine scientists, many who are leaders in their respective fields.

When and Where

ClimEco8 will be held from 19-24 June 2023 at the ZRS-Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies in Koper, Slovenia

Focus of ClimEco8

The United Nations declared 2021-2030 as the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The objective is to motivate international efforts aimed at improving ocean health by providing the science necessary for sustainable development of the oceans to underpin ‘The ocean we need for the future we want’. Achieving this, however, needs more than more than ‘just’ more data and knowledge. It will require new approaches for understanding and tackling complex socio-ecological problems in their entirety. It will require an increased focus on building ocean literacy and public support for ocean futures. It also needs scientists and decision-makers to identify how to facilitate the use of available science and encourage the necessary change of behaviours, and the implementation of policies— at individual, local and global scales — that will leverage greater environmental benefit. The task at hand is a challenging one, that will require scientists to be able to work across disciplines, across knowledge systems, and with a diversity of stakeholders.

To this end, IMBeR will convene its 8th International ClimEco Summer School (ClimEco8), in Koper, Slovenia, to help develop the next generation of marine researchers who will be at the forefront of addressing ocean challenges. Under the guidance of a group of internationally-recognised experts from the marine natural and social sciences, students, postdocs and early career scientists will develop a strong theoretical and applied understanding of different disciplines, and how they can be integrated to help generate solutions to the grand challenges facing the world’s oceans. To complement this, participants will also gain practical skills in science communication and how to operate effectively at the science-policy-society interface, so that they can influence decision-making processes in relation to the world’s oceans – to help secure the ocean we need, for the future we want!

Type: Open