events event: SEAFUTURE Green and Blue Innovation Hub

Date: June 07, 2023

Place:  La Spezi Naval Base Viale Giovanni Amendola 1, 19121, La Spezia - Italy

Description of the event: 

SEAFUTURE, AT ITS 8TH EDITION, is the business convention for maritime and dual use technologiesunique in the Mediterranean basin because implemented inside a Naval Base.

In the current European energy transition process, a sustainable blue economy represents an essential element in achieving the climate and environmental objectives set by the European Commission, starting with those programmed in the Green Deal, including: climate neutrality, decarbonisation of maritime transport, passage to a circular economy, marine environment protection, new policies to increase the resilience of coastal areas to climate change, better management of maritime space.
In this context, a new role also emerges for one of the fundamental nodes of the blue economy: ports, which also become “energy hubs” and at the same time contribute to the development of a circular economy. In the conference sessions we highlight the latest trends and innovations applied to the blue economy sector to make it increasingly sustainable and to support the energy transition.


Type: By Invitation Only