events event: WestMED Spain: Prototypes for the decarbonization of fisheries and recreational ports and vessels

Date: April 17, 2024

Place:  Sala “Claustre del Carme” | Pl. Miranda s/n (entre el 11 i el 12), Mahón, Menorca - Spain

Description of the event: 

As with other economic activities in the EU, there is a growing need for our maritime fleets to transition away from fossil fuels as soon as possible. This is not only a contribution to the objectives of the European Green Deal, including the reduction of GHG emissions, but also to the profitability, sustainability and resilience of the sector (EU Commission, 2023). The challenges that fleets face in undertaking an energy transition range from regulatory to technological.

The objective of this participatory workshop is to debate the challenges that decarbonization poses for ports and recreational and fishing vessels. The participatory workshop will provide the participants’ perspective on fishing boats, vessels in the recreational boating industry, as well as their ports and facilities (fishing and recreational). Participants will debate in 3 worktables on possible prototypes, energy sources, technological solutions, regulatory frameworks and general opportunities and challenges to advance towards decarbonization efforts.

This participatory workshop aims to discuss in-depth the challenges that decarbonization poses for ports and fishing and recreational vessels. To do this, the “designthinking” method will be proposed in three worktables which will address the type of prototypes that are needed to be able to more efficiently address this decarbonization challenge.

A summarized report with the contributions of each working group on prototypes to promote in the near future. This report will be transmitted directly to the members of the EU Energy Transition Partnership so that they can take it into account whendeveloping their roadmap. We have agreed on a meeting with the ETP to discuss these prototypes and needs in May 2024.

Target audience
Fishing sector, marine recreational sector, marinas, fishing ports, technology providers, port infrastructure developers, researchers, energy sector, shipyards, etc.

Number of participants
Around a maximum of 100 participants are expected. Because space is limited to this number, we ask you to register as soon as possible through the Registration link since places will be granted according to the order of registration.

More information and registration here

Type: Open