Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (REMTH) with a wide list of Mediterranean key players among which the CPMR IMC


CO-EVOLVE is an Interreg MED modular project belonging to thematic community 3.1 (Sustainable Tourism). It aims to analyse and promote the “co-evolution” of human activities and natural systems in coastal zones where tourism is an important activity, to enable the development of sustainable tourism based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). The project will gather an analysis of threats and opportunities relating to sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean, and local case studies of seven representative pilot areas. The goal is to demonstrate – through pilot actions – the added value and the effectiveness of a planning process based on the principles of ICZM and MSP. The CPMR and its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) are responsible for the communication aspects as well as the link with the BleuTourMed horizontal project and the 3.1 thematic community. The Intermediterranean Commission also participates in the project’s capitalisation activities.
  • On-going
Geographical coverage
  • Mediterranean (widespread)
Intended Users
  • Administrations/Authorities
  • General public
  • Organisations/Associations
  • Policy-makers/managers/planners
  • Researchers and scientists
Source of funding
  • EU Funds
  • Public funding
  • Other
  • Climate change
  • Diversification of marine activities
  • Maritime stakeholders / clusters
  • Spatial planning/areas management
  • Tourism
Country of project partners
  • Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain