Concetta Bruno

18 dominici street, Palermo, Italy

ComeUnaMarea Onlus, founded in Palermo in 2005, is a no profit cultural association implementing eco-compatible development models and social equity. It is engaged in the valorisation and promotion of the historical, artistic, environmental and ethno-anthropological heritage of Sicilian territory The organization, active in the social and voluntary sector, promotes the safeguarding of human rights, equal opportunities and implementing initiatives to combat gender violence. ComeUnaMarea Onlus collaborates with the schools by activating non-formal education paths. In the multicultural field it acts as an intermediary between different cultures to promote the peaceful coexistence among peoples of the earth. The organization carries out projects to protect the environment and education to healthy lifestyles. The association also acts as a human resource incubator, through "AAA Tempo Libero Offresi", the time bank realized with the patronage of the City of Palermo. ComeUnaMarea Onlus conducts cultural events at national and international level. The non profit organization has experience in European projects (LLP Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Europe for Citizens, Youth in Action, Erasmus plus, Progress and Daphne). Moreover, ComeUnaMarea Onlus has established collaborations with regional public entities. The Municipality of Palermo "UO Interventions for Immigrants, Refugees, Nomads" declared the organization active in the field of immigration and social integration. The Association is the national register in O.N.L.U.S., within the Sicily Region register of social promotion associations and in the registry of third-sector and no-profit bodies of Palermo Citta Metropolitana. She is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation and the RIDE- APS Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue.
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  • Italy