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Regional Civil Protection Department of Sicily, Italy

Palermo, Italy

The zone included between the south-east area of Sicily and Malta is subjected to a number of natural hazards, including earthquakes generated on the active Ibleo-Maltese fault and on the fault systems of the Sicily Channel, as well as tsunami and coastal erosion. SIMIT aims at preventing or mitigating the natural and man-made risks favouring a better management of emergency intervention, contributing to the spread of a civil protection culture and the culture of protection and respect for the environment. Starting from the formulation of a risk scenario, the territory was analysed in relation to the different types of risks, improving knowledge in terms of strong and weak points. Furthermore, the project created a joint intervention plan that involved the facilities present in the area, tests of operational procedural management in case of cross-border intervention for serious natural and/or man-made events and the verification of intervention plans through joint exercises. To these actions refresher activities in technical and administrative management support were added and an information plan and dissemination of civil protection culture and rules for behaviour among the inhabitants of the area, apart from the reciprocal transfer of know-how between Italian and Maltese civil protection personnel.
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