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Piraeus Port Authority S.A., Greece

Athens, Greece

The advancement in innovative information and telecommunication technology has tremendous impacts on the shipping industry especially in the way information technology is used. The use of information systems in the Mediterranean Electronic Marine Highway (MEMH) that integrates maritime safety technologies and Environmentalonmental management systems will result in improved performance (e.g., improved situational awareness of mariners, enhanced emergency response), new capabilities (e.g., online and real time communication, enhanced monitoring system) and innovative applications (e.g., integrated modeling/forecast, risk assessment and management). The MEMH system, as developed by the AEM-MED project, is a harmonized marine information infrastructure network that integrates Environmentalonmental management and protection systems with maritime safety technologies for enhanced maritime services, integrated marine Environmentalonment protection and eventually, sustainable development of the coastal and marine resources. The MEMO project will further utilize and expand the MEMH system with the provision of new services and tools, the expansion of the infrastructure network and the development of a MEMH Observatory.
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  • Mediterranean (widespread)
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