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Gilli Ocean Technology LTD

Bnei Dror, Israel

OCEANFISH aims to finalize the development and start the commercialisation of the various technologies necessary to transform Gili's existing Subflex Classic systems to advanced and sophisticated open ocean systems improving growth rates, reducing ecological impact and providing the aquaculture industry with the tools necessary to meet the market demands. This is a significant market opportunity. To capture this opportunity, the OCEANFISH project aims to 1) increase the cost-efficiency of the Subflex aquaculture platform, 2) enable real off-shore farming, 3) enable growth of additional fish species and 4) commercialize the technology. The OCEANFISH system is a flexible submerged system of cages. The original technology was developed with the Technion, Israel's leading technological university. OCEANFISH is an excellent example of how humans can take better advantage of oceans in a highly sustainable manner and at the same time solve significant ecological challenges.
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