INITIATIVE INITIATIVE: Strengthen collaboration between the MPAs of the Adratic Sea, while adapting the successful experience of fishermen’s involvement in the management of the MPA of Torre Guaceto to the MPA of Karaburun-Sazani website

Albanian Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Tirana, Albania

The Karaburun-Sazan Marine National Park, created in 2010, is the 1st MPA established in Albania. Fishing is only allowed in certain areas and only fishers holding a permit issued by the marine area management authorities are allowed to access it. In the last 3 years, management measures have been expanded and MPA managers want to improve fishers-management collaboration and strengthen the involvement of fishers in the management of the MPA. They plan to strengthen the effectiveness of management measures and fisheries monitoring activities in the territory. Albanian managers expect to build on the experience of the Italian MPA of Torre-Guaceto, also located in the Adriatic Sea, which is a success story of small-scale fisher’s involvement in the management of fisheries in an MPA. Indeed, the Torre-Guaceto MPA succeeded in overcoming the crisis between fishers and local authorities concerning the ban on fishing in the MPA when it was established in 2001. With the support of scientists, an agreement between fishers and managers was found to open certain areas to a regulated fishery co-managed by fishers and local authorities. Today, MPA fishers are key players in the definition of management measures and the effects on the resource are visible. This small project will thus make it possible to finance several meetings between fishers and managers of the two MPAs. The exchanges between these players will enable the sharing of knowledge and will give Albanian players the opportunity to study in the field the management and monitoring methods implemented in the Italian MPA. Albanian protagonists will be able to adapt these experiences to Karaburun-Sazan MPA in order to build a management and sustainable development strategy for fisheries. These exchanges will also strengthen the links between the playes of these two MPAs in the Adriatic, which will enable them to work together on common issues, such as invasive species for example.
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