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Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions


In line with the Integrated Maritime Policy and within the main objectives of the European Maritime Transport Policy - fostering competitiveness and promote a safe and green system - the project contributed to achieve the development of high professional skills and the development of education and training conditions within the EU to ensure efficient, safe, secure and environmentally shipping operations and the overall efficiency of the transport chain, through: - The promotion of the quality of education and training in the maritime transport sector to address three specific challenges: maritime safety, reducing environmental impact and increasing competitiveness of the sector in the new context of global competitive pressures; - The launch of the bases for European mobility for students, trainees, instructors/trainers/teachers, involving educational and training institutions that wish to contribute to overcoming these challenges, in line with the “Maritime Erasmus” concept; - Cooperation between European educational and training organisations with the industry, in the field of education and training in the maritime transport sector for upgrading seafarers competences and adapting to the requirements of the shipping industry. All developed activities grant a high level of attention and priority to the human dimension. Specific attention has therefore been paid to gender equality for seafarers and other staff at sea.
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